Monday, May 30, 2011

Looking Back at May.

Here's the lowdown on all the good, bad and watery things that came our way this May.

1) Flowers, butterflies and unusual moth species?
We got excited by deceptive signs of Spring early in the month and thought that maybe all our unfortunate weather was behind us. No such luck.

Butterfly BushesButterfly Bushes work their magic.
Cecropia MothA Cecropia Moth-or so our handy Field Guide and Google Images tell us.

2) Flooding Scares.
May in the Ozarks brought some of the most "unprecedented" weather in recent history. Torrential Rain, Tornado warnings, and frighteningly high water had us hearkening back to March 18th, 2008, when our office ended up 5 feet under water. Altogether, we can say we were blessed. Several other homes and businesses on the White River were not as fortunate. We ask our customers to keep victims of tornadoes in Missouri, and Oklahoma in prayer.

White River Flooding 2011Keep out of our pool, river....
White River Flooding 2011
White River Flooding 2011At least these guys were enjoying themselves...

3) Cicada Brood Hatches
The "Great Southern Brood" has hatched throughout Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Mississippi. And they are making themselves quite comfortable here at WBR. Cicadas are harmless, (and edible actually!) despite their beady-eyed appearance. We are torn between being fascinated and annoyed at all the noise they make. This is the World's Largest Brood of Cicadas- hatching after being buried underground for 13 years. This species won't emerge again until 2024.

For more on "The Brood": click here

Great Southern Cicada Brood"Look into my beady red eyes...."
Cicadas in Arkansas"Do you have any camper cabins open for this weekend??"

4) Red Horse Sucker Fish

As always, high water is bad for fishermen, good for the fish. We always start seeing unusual species when the water goes up. This lady angler caught these Red Horse Sucker Fish specimen fishing off the banks. We couldn't even identify them off hand, and had to find them online.

Red Horse Suckerfish caught on the White RiverRed Horse Suckerfish caught on the White RiverSucking on each other!

5) A Successful Memorial Day
Despite some cancellations by disgruntled fishermen, it was a hot, fun, and busy Memorial Day weekend. The pool was crawling with kids, and our campground was packed full of families cooking out, playing games, relaxing by the river and generally enjoying each others' company.

Sounds like success to me.

White Buffalo Resort PoolWhite Buffalo Resort Campground
White Buffalo Resort Campground

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