Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hunting Opportunities in the Ozarks courtesy of

Don Schnable of shared the following:
The hunting on the Corp of Engineers property surrounding the Bull Shoals & Norfork Lakes and tributaries, combined with the Mark Twain Forest and Devils Backbone Wildlife Area is outstanding. The Missouri Department of Conservation, Arkansas Fish and Wildlife, and Corp of Engineers have numerous game plots with crops planted to attract game scattered throughout the areas mentioned. Some are accessible via motor vehicles, on foot, and by boat. I also have 48 pieces of private property that is available to my clients. They can be hunted with or without guides furnished by SCE.

Maps detailing the locations are available with no charge at the outlets for the fore mentioned agencies. The trick is to know which ones are active during the trip you are planning. My guides and I keep an active journal on the proper feed plots.

Right now Turkey are active and easily hunted. Archery deer season is also in full swing. The areas are teaming with these trophy's.

Another sought after game is one that must be controlled or the other species will be reduced drastically. This animal has migrated from the south and is doing great damage. I am speaking of the feral pigs. There is no limit on the number of animals that you can harvest. They are good table fare and we have local butchers who will dress these animals out for you. Excess kills will be cleaned by us and donated to designated needy organizations and/or individuals.

Waterfowl season dates are from November 24th through January 31st. This a prime area to hunt. The secret is to have the right places. I will gladly take you on a guided hunt at any number of places. You will not be disappointed.

I will be more than happy to arrange any accommodations that you and/or a group would need.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autumn in the Ozarks

FALL is a great time for trout fishing, since there are usually fewer people on the water. The water is low and we still have some cabins available for Thanksgiving.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Today's Elk Report and a video to share

This from Michael Daugherty of the Buffalo River Chamber of Commerce:

Mandy took this video of a REAL bull fight on Saturday. It should be of interest to your customers. This was her first time trying to video anything. I feel like the bass pro that takes his wife fishing and she catches the state record. These fights don't come alongvery often -- I see maybe 2 a year, some years I don't see any.

September Elk Viewing Report
This year so far the very best elk viewing has been in the south end of Boxley Valley in the field north of Smith Creek.

I continue to update the viewing map (every day so far). You can access my daily reports on Blogger: