Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Plan A Romantic Getaway

During the months of December and January we are offering a "Romantic Getaway" Package-
2 nights in a Deluxe Cabin for 2 for $189.00. We will include a gift basket with every reservation with discounts at local restaurants, chocolates, and sparkling beverage. An ideal Christmas gift for the one you love.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Doing Things Together

Yesterday, a couple arrived from Tennessee. They came in early because they wanted to rent a boat and go fishing. The husband was a fisherman, but informed me his wife had never fished. "Well good," I said. "It can become your 'do-together' thing."
They reported last night that he had caught fish, but she hadn't. "She let one get away," he said. "But we had fun together," she said.
Another couple here this weekend is celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary. Their children, along with their first grandchild; are planning to come by later and they will probably go on a hike together.
The guests in Lodge #5 are having a Family Reunion. Seven siblings and their spouses are reconnecting this weekend because they told me they promised their parents before they died that they'd all get together at least once a year.
Another couple got in late last night after work, but they are in a canoe now, floating down the river together.
People frequently arrive and ask what there is to do here. I have many responses. Some families have no problem- they already do things together.

Monday, November 2, 2009


This morning's weather report was unusual- no rain through the weekend. This is my favorite time of year and you people are missing out if you don't have plans to gather at the river! The daytime temperatures are in the low 70's and the sun is shining while the nights drop down into the 40's- great sleeping weather. We've even enjoyed a full moon the last few nights and been able to see countless stars with no clouds in the sky. We took some family time last week between rain showers to drive to Boxley Valley and see the elk herd and you still have an opportunity to do that too if you come. Make time to get away---you'll be glad if you do.