Thursday, September 29, 2011

The One That Got Away

Everybody that trout fishes knows it takes more than just hooking a big one to be able to say you brought it in and caught it...
Here is an actual e-mail from a recent fisherman about an elusive big brown:

I forgot to mention, last Friday my 84 yr old dad hooked a 30 inch brown trout (had to have gone 18-20 lbs) 10 yards off your bank, down by your dirt boat ramp, maybe 20 yards upstream of the rock breakwater. We kept the brown in calm water, not wanting him to get out into the faster moving water....I was afraid of getting the line cut by the boat motor prop....The fish would take line, then my dad would retrieve most of it, a real back and forth battle....My dad fought it for 15 minutes before the hook came loose from the brown's mouth. Didn't break the 6 lb test or lose the black 1/8 oz jig (PJ's Jigs - the only bait we use - she lives in Fayetteville). It was the most exciting 15 mintes of our lives....would have bested my 9 lb 26 in long brown I caught just below the dam in 1994.

Something to tell your customers....he's still out there....the brown, not my dad...but we'll be back in May....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One of Those Magical Fall Days

I just got word that the 2011 Elk Rut has officially begun. The news coincided with a much longed-for change in the weather from "hellish hot" to "almost chilly".
It brings to mind one of those magical fall days from 2 years ago when we loaded everybody in the car and drove away from the resort on a quest to FIND THE ELK.
We'd heard about it; but needed to see for ourselves.
Armed with that day's information on where the elk were located and where we could easily view them and photograph them (courtesy of Michael Dougherty's website) we vowed this would NOT be a wild goose chase.
After lunching on the Square in Jasper at the Ozark Cafe we continued on some of the most scenic routes paralleling the Buffalo River toward our intended destination. If you have never seen these magnificent creatures with your own eyes you simply must make plans to do so- add it to your "bucket list" for sure. This is an easy day trip from the resort and the color change rivals anything out east.

End of Summer Memories

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Mary Beth's Big Labor Day Catch...
It was a team effort bringing this one in!
Thanks for sharing your picture with us.