Sunday, July 20, 2008

How's the Fishing?

Ask this father and son team who landed this 8 lb. 27" brown trout this morning from the shore. This beauty was caught with corn and took 30 minutes to net.

Garrett's Great Catch!

The annual family fishing trip yielded this stringer of many Rainbows one day last week in the high water.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Adam's Brown Trout

Just another example of that possible "fish of a lifetime" that people are catching on the river right outside our resort.

Making Memories

This is a reprint of an article which appeared in the Chesterfield Weekly. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Kay's Korner
By Kay Clark
With sincere apologies, I write today's piece. I just "spaced it"
last week and did not get anything written. I left town to meet my family in
Buffalo City, Arkansas, at the White Buffalo Resort for a family wedding.
The third child of our first born got married on Saturday, June 28.
The ceremony took place beside the White River in northern
Arkansas. The bride, our granddaughter, chose this place because her father
and her uncle come to this river annually to trout fish. The New York Times
reports this area to be one of the ten best places in the U.S. to fish. Not
only that, this place nestled in the Ozark Mountains retains its original
natural beauty of a variety of trees, steep bluffs, and rippling streams. In
other words, it was a beautiful setting for a wedding.
The day before the wedding and the day after the wedding were
filled with sunshine and light breezes, but the day of the wedding began
with lightning, thunder, and driving rain. We thought it might be just a
short summer storm, but one look at the sky assured us that storm intended
to stay the day. The people who own the resort, John and Eileen Olwell, have
a weather radar which they watched closely for us. At 12:45 p.m., John came
to us and said, "You have a window. Do it now!" Which we did.
The rain held off long enough for us to share in a lovely wedding
ceremony. At the reception, held under a protective canopy, the rain came
again in sheets. By that time, however, everyone had their food and was
enjoying being together, honoring the newly married couple.
Perhaps your family is like mine-scattered about. So when an event
comes that draws the family members together, what a joy that is! This time
together reminded me again of the importance of the family unit. How vital
it is to get together, share experiences, build memories, take pictures, eat
and just talk for a while. We had a wonderful time. We can go back to our
daily responsibilities strengthened because we are part of a family. We are
not alone.
And by the way, if you would like to find a quiet, lovely place to
relax and appreciate the beauty of God's creation (and maybe fish for
trout), I strongly recommend the White Buffalo Resort on the White River in
Buffalo City, Arkansas.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Family Reunions are our specialty!

Nothing says summer more than gathering the clan from around the country and taking time to have fun together. This photo was sent to us recently from a family that held their reunion at the resort.