Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Making Trout Ceviche

So, in our recent Summer Newsletter, we included our recipe for Trout Ceviche: a "no-cook" meal that makes for some tangy & refreshing Summer Eats. I made some the other day and have been enjoying it for lunch when its too hot to turn on the oven.

Here's our step by step look at making it:

Trout Ceviche1

Fileting White River TroutThese were trout we pulled out of the freezer. Fileting fish after they've been frozen is much harder than doing it when they're fresh. We recommend fileting them right out of the river and freezing the filets.

Ceviche 2We just wanted to make a half portion of Ceviche, so we only chopped up a few limes and lemons.

Ceviche 3If you own a microplane, you can add zest from your limes and lemons to the mixture. No microplane? You can use a fine grater or even a fork.

Ceviche 4Raw trout soaking in the lemon juice- it almost looks like chicken broth.

Ceviche 5Ta Da! Cooked with no heat! Ain't chemistry cool?

Ceviche 6Tomatoes, avocado, and peppers. Since this was a quick batch of ceviche, we opted out on the onions and jalepenos- too many hazards involved in the chopping.

Ceviche 7
Stir in some olive oil, honey, and a few of your favorite spices and voila! Your cold, tangy and nutritious fish dish is ready!!

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