Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smallmouth Fishing in the Ozarks

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So, we talk a lot about Trout here at White Buffalo. How easy they are to catch on the White River, how big they are, how to cook them in the summertime without using an oven....

You CAN come to WBR and fish for nothing but trout all day long, week in and week out, any time of the year and we (quite honestly) hope you do. But it's not really the Trout Fishing that makes our location so unique in the heart of the Ozarks.

Two of the best Smallmouth Bass Streams in AMERICA are located in the Arkansas Ozarks- Crooked Creek and The Buffalo National River. Just go ahead and guess- Which resort on the White River could possibly be sandwiched between two such prime locations?

(No fair looking at the map...)

Whether you've fished Trout with us for years and want to try something different, or like the idea of fishing multiple locations during your stay, here's a little information on both streams and what they have to offer.

Crooked Creek:
Map of Crooked CreekThere are plenty of "crooked" creeks, streams, sloughs, bayous and branches in Arkansas but only ONE can be called the "blue ribbon smallmouth bass stream of the state". The landscape surrounding Crooked Creek is typical of the Ozarks, but the stream itself is characterized by deep pools, fast chutes and clear water. While there are several day-long floats accessible on the upper portions of Crooked Creek, the lower portion is described as "more rugged" and recommended for experienced fishermen. If you'd like to try your hand at the lower portion, we'd suggest going with a guide, (several of the guides we book with will take you there.)

The upper portion runs along the 62/412 highway, which makes it highly accessible to our guests. Our Sisters on the Fly group has been known to do some phenomenal fly fishing on Crooked Creek between Pyatt & Kelly's Slab.

The Buffalo National River:
Buffalo National River MapThe Buffalo River is nationally famous for several reasons. Its jawdropping features include caves, natural springs, waterfalls and other geographic marvels. It originates in the Boston Mountains and flows East 150 miles til it ultimately joins the White River at Buffalo City, (it waves hi to us as it passes.) The country's first National River, the Buffalo has been enjoyed by canoers, campers and fishermen for years.

The Buffalo is considered the model smallmouth stream. According to "...
the Buffalo has fast, clear, oxygen rich water with the kind of gravel bottom and boulder beds smallmouth bass love." You can do great fishing from a canoe, or a jonboat, as you prefer. Anglers recommend casting into swift moving water, and the locals confirm. Several of our longtime guests have been known to anchor their boats right at the confluence of the White & Buffalo Rivers and proceed to scoop up all kinds fat smallmouth in the process of feeding.

For more information about either of these waterways, or smallmouth fishing elsewhere in Arkansas, visit
the Natural State's Official Tourism Website.

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