Monday, September 8, 2008

Time to Make Your Thanksgiving Reservation

I haven't posted in awhile but we had a very pleasant, busy Labor Day Holiday weekend with lots of what are starting to become familiar faces in addition to hopefully making some new friends who will come back and see us.
We had threats from Gustav and many of our guests were popping into the office on a regular basis to check the progress on the Weather Channel or view the radar on the computer. The rain started here on Tuesday afternoon and we ended up with about 6 1/2 inches which really muddied the river. The Corp of Engineers did us a big favor and stopped generating for the first time since we flooded in March. On Thursday the Buffalo River crested and we spent a good portion of our time planting sticks in the campground and watching them disappear under water- slightly nervewracking.. Today, 9/8, the river is clearing and the Corp is maintaining a schedule of only 2 generators on line. We haven't seen water this low since last winter! Everyone predicts wonderful fishing this Fall and I encourage you to consider spending some time at the resort between now and Thanksgiving. The days are sunny and cool and it's quiet and peaceful on the river.