Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stay a Week

I've been researching the benefits of the week long vacation vs. the weekend getaway.  This because I've noticed an increase in bookings for families who are taking the time to rest and reconnect.  As a child, my dad took off the last week in July and the first week of August without fail. One week was set aside for working around the house and doing projects during the day with night time treats around town like going miniature golfing, out to eat at a restaurant, or a drive-in movie; the other week he took the family on vacation somewhere.  We camped mostly, but occasionally my parents rented a cottage.

Corporations are now encouraging their employees to take time off because they see an increase in productivity.  Vacation time always translates to happier employees! If the family shares experiences outside of their normal routines of work & school, and the experiences are active (like fishing, hiking, canoeing or even cooking together) the benefits are even greater.

As we get to know our annual customers and watch their families grow through marriages and births, the trend is for grandma and grandpa to rent the big lodge and invite their children, grandchildren, and sometimes even great-grandchildren to come and go as they are able over the duration of their 7 day stay. They become the patriarchal host & hostess and set-up house for their extended family.

When you come to the river for a week, the pressure for good weather is removed. Let it rain a day or two; who cares?  All your "fun eggs" don't have to be in one day's basket.

Finally, we do offer discounts for week long stays and if you rent a boat each day of your vacation with us, we will give you one day of boat rental free.


  1. Very nice place! I am coming there from Nova Scotia Canada on Oct 21-2015! Cannot wait to fly fish on the White River! See you in October! Robert

  2. October is a lovely month to visit and the fishing is always good! Let us know how you enjoy it.