Friday, January 18, 2013


Every winter my husband and I put our heads together and sit down for a brainstorming session where we try to think of ways to bring more guests to the resort.  It's our marketing meeting of the year; borne out of a sense of  "Look what everybody is missing" and "Gosh-- the fish are out there--Where are all the fisherMEN?"
Are you willing to plan the Ultimate Fishing Weekend for 7 of your best buddies?   For only $44.00 a night you can reserve a Deluxe Lodge with all the comforts of a cedar cabin on the White River. Throw in another $35.00  and you can rent a 20' jonboat for the day.
Make an annual event out of it- a trip you'll never want to miss- just make sure to put somebody else in charge of organizing it next year...

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