Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Free Fishing Weekend in Arkansas

Once again, its that time of year when the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission puts aside its boats and binoculars in order to let the people FISH!

Any resident or non-resident is allowed to fish in Arkansas this weekend without a fishing license or trout permit.

The Free Fishing Weekend starts at noon this Friday, June 10th and goes 'til 12:00 am on Sunday the 12th, (just in case any of you license-less, night owl, diehard fishing insomniacs want to hit the river at midnight...)

Now, just cause its free, you can't get crazy...regulations for length, slot limit and daily limit still apply.

In any case, Free Fishing Weekend couldn't have come at a better time for White Buffalo. Generation on the White River has slowed way down this week- only six generators and ZERO floodgates! The high water has had the fish all stirred up and biting like crazy.

So if you haven't gotten away yet, and the heat hasn't melted your brain, this might be the weekend to dust off your tacklebox and head for the river.

Leave your wallet at home!

1 comment:

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