Thursday, January 13, 2011

White Buffalo Resort Merchandise

Ball Caps

This entry was prompted by a call from a guest that never made it into the store while staying with us. She wanted to buy hats for all the fishermen that had been along on the trip so we put together a box for her and shipped it.

Goofy-looking River hats
We carry short sleeve and long sleeve T-shirts in a variety of colors, for both children and adults.
Short and Long Sleeve Tee-shirts
White Buffalo Resort Camouflage T-shirts
Tank Tops
And we have sweatshirts and tank tops available too!


  1. Do you guys have any stocking hats for the idiots like me that come down during the winter?

  2. Thanks for your question.
    We don't have any stocking caps with our logo but that is a great idea...
    For the die hard fishermen that come in the winter months we carry plain stocking caps in our general store along with other items to keep you warm and comfortable.
    P.S. We love our hearty winter customers!