Saturday, April 5, 2008

Neither Down Nor Out...

One of the drawbacks of being "Where the Rivers Meet" is that there's no escaping the water. All bets were off the third week of March as Arkansas and Missouri received catastrophic rain and thunderstorms over the course of two days. Our property was doused with 12 full inches. Needless to say, records were broken on both the White and Buffalo Rivers with the Buffalo cresting approx. 30' over flood stage. We got a little wet...
Our campground, Camper Cabins and office ended up under water and while the clean-up has been a hassle, it's far from impossible.
As far as business is concerned, we have remained fully operational (albeit slightly disorganized) over the past few weeks. Our Deluxe Cabins and Lodges, docks, boats, and full hook-up RV sites remained unscathed throughout the Great Flood of '08. All previous bookings remain intact and we are always accepting new reservations. Believe it or not, the fishing is great too. As our guides keep telling us: "Fish LIKE water..."
We would like to take this opportunity also to thank everyone for their prayers, support and help during our time of need. Springtime seems to have set in at last, and we encourage you to come enjoy the river with us.

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  1. Congratulations Olwells on a job well-done! Even if it's not over yet............

    the California crew sends hearty hugs and good wishes to keep your heads up (to avoid the mud) and smile through the tough parts.

    wish we could do more to help but I hear the midwest can't be beat for neighborliness.

    Praise God for that.